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January 22, 2007

psycho and/or crazy ex-wife support group

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The Title says it all.  Although i am not web-design functionate enough to design my own website, i hereby offer the following support group to those people that have been or are being so F#$#d up by either their Xwife or their significant other’s Xwife.  That’s right, men and women (for we all know that my X-wife doesn’t represent the majority of womankind).  Hopefully.  🙂  So if you are getting mentally skewered enough that you (like myself) have gone on the internet looking for such a support group and have found this link, welcome! You are not alone.  

I’ll start – i live in a small town in northern Canada.  I married my wife after 6 weeks, at her insistence.  She’s 30 and wanted babies.  I’m 35 and wanted babies in a healthy relationship, which i believed would happen while working on the baby part.  When she wasn’t pregnant in the first 2 months of the marriage, she went to a fertility clinic who laughed her out, telling her to come back in a year.  Due to my job (i house juvenile delinquents undergoing treatment in the community) she never felt ‘safe’ enough to live with me and so in the 2nd month of marriage she told me that it was either her or my career.   I chose the career, and that’s when the ‘psycho’ tag started becoming more prevalent.

I just celebrated 6 months of my poser marriage by serving her divorce papers and now she’s threatening to rip me a new asshole on her own personal blog (that she thinks i read and she’s right – i copy and paste into a file for the later court appearance that is no doubt pending)  She also told me she is pregnant and although i know of 4 different guys she has gone out with, she is insisting i am the father.  She says she is now attending therapy, AA, and even talked to another wife in the program – all things i asked her to do 3 months ago when there was a small chance that i was crazy enough to reconsider our marriage vows. 

Yet life goes on.  She was served today and in the 12 hours since, she has threatened to ‘out’ my house to the neighbourhood, to ‘out’ my employer who contracts with the gov’t, to ‘out’ the others that i work with as well.  She’s stated that the papers weren’t correct as her maiden name wasn’t her maiden name at birth…. (say what?, you might ask as do i) and that she’s supposed to get an affadavit, which is what the person serving her signs to give to the court to say that she was served. I could go on, and probably will at a later date.  If you have dropped in pls feel free to help me feel not alone by sharing your psycho Xwife stories with the rest of us.  Misery loves company. 



  1. I noticed that you wrote this in Jan and no comment and here it is July! I feel so sorry for you and hope all is better by now (ie, no baby to support). I got on here because I feel for men who have to go through this bull****, as my own man has a psycho ex-wife and I have to indirectly have to put up with it as well. I am just sorry that men don’t REALLY GET TO KNOW these idiots before marrying them! What is up with that? Men have to correct that crap for themselves.

    Comment by Lori — July 21, 2007 @ 12:18 am | Reply

    • Hi long story short.. i am a former US Marine.. mairried my wife after only dating a short time.. ya sucksss. lol.. anyway i have always worried she would cheat since we had sex the first night together dating.. i found out after 15yrs of marriage that she not only cheated but with hundreds of men.. starting with my best friend only after being married a month or two.. I told her that the next time is the last time.. then only after a short reprieve she started txting a guy from another state far away sending and recieving pics, nude ones.. hers being ones of her only wareing a thong.. If i leave her she states that she will kill herself and my daughter… gigs up.. im taking my daughter if i go. anyways.. I planed on leaving her and just before i did i asked the big guy upstairs if what i was doing rite or not. then a week later i had a motorcyle accident that left me broken up bad.. We have always had a very good conection.. She is not evil.. just lies and cheats a lot.. Its only when we are apart that things fall apart. I have tried suicide once and with my heart beaten down like this again. i have not the stregnth or will to live. I made a promis to my daughter that i would give this one last shot.. If she mess’s up again. im gone and she wont even get a good by letter or note. just me being gone.. I dont know where to go or how to deal with this heartless person.. anyways thanks for your time.. time is always precious. sincerly James M N. one broken hearted man.

      Comment by James — March 14, 2011 @ 4:36 am | Reply

      • When i started this group four years ago, it was to find a way to vent, to scream at that which was intangible, for screaming at that which was would probably get me arrested. I pop in once in awhile to remind myself of the stories and pain that we have experienced, like picking at a scar that will never go away.
        It was also to help others see that they aren’t alone and perhaps get some solace in that. I hope that James M N. has found a better plan than suicide, for his daughter will always need him. I hope that he has developed a plan that helps her in the long run. I hate asking the Big Guy for signs, as they tend to be vague. Perhaps in that week before your accident there were other signs that you weren’t watching for. James if you read this, talk to the Services for counselling help, if you haven’t already. I hope that you get yourself out of this mess with daughter intact. She will see her mom for who she really is one day, if she hasn’t already. You just be her dad, her rock, her stability. That is what she needs most right now and in the years ahead. Good luck.

        Comment by 2bcontinued — April 15, 2011 @ 10:47 pm

      • Either move on or move over James. Cheaters don’t change.

        Comment by matt — June 6, 2011 @ 10:23 pm

  2. I know I am not alone. Neither are you… or, I imagine, many many others.

    I started blogging about my ongoing nightmare…

    Comment by Mister-M — December 30, 2007 @ 6:46 am | Reply

  3. I have a psycho ex-wife too. She has been violating the permanent parenting plan and prohibiting me from seeing my 11yr old son. Because of her, I’ve missed out on one spring break vacation, two normal visits and this past Christmas break. She’s popped my tires 3 times now and once for my brother and once for my mother too. Of course, I can’t prove this, though. Now she’s called the department of children’s services on me saying that I harm my child (which of course, I don’t). She makes my life hell and is ruining our son with her devisive head-games. The scary part about her is that she has two personalities: the one that’s generous and fun and caring, and then the psycho once you cross some invisible threshold in her mind. Sadly, I crossed that threshold at some point in our 14 year marriage. Divorced two years ago… ya think we’d be done with this garbage already!?!

    Comment by Mr. W — January 7, 2008 @ 7:41 am | Reply

  4. Oh I forgot to mention in my last post. She tried to poison me with bleach in my Milk. However, the police refused to investigate as I was not seriously harmed!

    Comment by Mr. W — January 7, 2008 @ 7:43 am | Reply

  5. I fortunitly I don’t have an ex wife. But I have been on the recieving end of one. I met my partner two months after his divorce Nisi papars came through. Instantly the dynamics changed for my new partner with regards to his ex wife. The endless phone calls late at night, continually calling around at the house for trivial matters, using her child as a weapen, accusing my parnter of ignoring his son over myself (which was unture as we both have children of the same age and they come before anything). The highlight came for me when she called me up and asked me who I thought I was sleeping with her husband under her husbands roof, and that she was still married to him. The simple fact is, is that my partners life changed after he dumped that miserable middle aged old hag, he lost weight, got a fantastic job, got the car he always dreamed of and met a wonderful new woman. Her life was shit and she couldn’t cope with the fact that he had moved on and done so well. Well this is what I think, what goes around always comes around, and shit always sticks. London

    Comment by Allegra — January 9, 2008 @ 1:05 am | Reply

  6. After twenty years of marriage and two teenagers, I decided to actually call it quits. It was over before the twenty but I didn’t do anything about it. Having an entertainment career, I was a prime target for her venom. Because of advertising, she knew how to find me and so I usually had cancellations prior to my engagements because of her contacting the businesses prior to my scheduled shows and demanding that they give her my money and then passing along as many personal tidbits of info that she could come up with. After moving from town to town and still trying to keep some sort of visitations open, she had the state monitoring my career as well as my day job. She called everyone that she knew of that I did business with and either chewed them out for remaining in contact with me or she filled them in on how much of an asshole I was.

    Needless to say, I had her killed. The kids now live with me and we are working through our relationships. Once a month I visit her grave and piss on it.

    Comment by Willy Paymour — January 21, 2008 @ 11:49 am | Reply

    • You are my new hero! If only I could have my husbands ex wife killed. Life would be wonderful for all. Mainly my stepson!

      Comment by Elliott — October 18, 2009 @ 7:37 am | Reply

      • I second that I wish I could do the same to my boyfriends X, But I have to tell all of you this is the CRAZIEST BITCH of all that I have to deal with on almost daily for the last 7 years!!!!!! The first time she found him at my house (after driving around for days looking for his truck) one of the kids had left the door unlocked, well she just walked right in to my house (I was at work, lucky for her) and went all through my house until she found him!! Then went and told everybody my house was nasty,my house isnt spotless but it is not dirty at all!!! then a week later I heard alot of yelling out front and there she was again, then the bitch had the nerve to tell me to get the f**k back into the house that nothing out there was any of my business and I told her this is my house and everything is this yard is my business!!!! and I can go on and on this was at the begining of the 7 years and that crazy bitch is still going strong!!!!

        Comment by R T — July 8, 2011 @ 11:07 pm

    • Ah if only it were that easy for the rest of us. You all know you you’ve thought about it!

      Comment by NotSoEvilStepMom — July 25, 2012 @ 3:20 am | Reply

  7. it’s good to know that we are not alone. misery loves company, or at least it loves knowing that others are going through it as well. my X stayed until the paternity was established and then skipped town. i had to get a court injunction to stop her, she signed a joint custody agreement and then went south to warmer climates – i was okay with that as she lives in a shoebox of a house and there’s no way she could survive a winter by herself so she moved to her parents (she’s 31). I tried to visit the baby but she withheld access so i calmly filed a police report and came back north. She must have talked to her lawyer who told her how she was fucking herself when the custody order gets reviewed and she now wants to start over in 2008.
    it’s good knowing that i no longer have to be so 2-faced around her like during the pregnancy now that i know the baby’s mine and i’ve been logging everything, taking screenshots of her blog (where she stated she was going to skip town, liked child molesters, etc etc) and just basically believing that come August, she is going to have to come back and face the music in front of the judge.

    As Cool-Hand Luke stated so eloquently “what we have here is a failure to communicate”
    Then again, they shot him in the throat right after that.

    i appreciate the stories of your own troubles. Again, it’s good to know that we are not alone.

    Comment by 2bcontinued — January 31, 2008 @ 9:01 pm | Reply

  8. Mr. W – log everything! i have a friend who also was accused of molesting his 6 year old daughter by his ex. He cooperated with the police fully, the daughter was interviewed and of course, there was no basis for the accusation. The police told him to present the results to the court when he went for full custody. He did, he won and her defense was ‘it was better to know now than later’.
    Courts love that sort of waste of resources.

    Willy – you forgot to add the 🙂 after that last sentence. just an fyi. jokes are hard to read in type.

    Comment by 2bcontinued — January 31, 2008 @ 9:05 pm | Reply

  9. I saved my ex from my girlfriends molestation accusations just to have my ex significant other do the same to me. My significant other knew of my feeling towards false accusations. When he cheated on me and had some serious drug issues in the house, I split. To save his reputation his brother and he, alerted our co-workers, friends and families that he broke-up with me, because I accused him of molesting his daughter. It was easily streighten out thank God. I allerted the USCG that monitors our officers license in the merchant marines, contacted the family, and went on with my life. The damage never left me though. My father begged me to keep him close, and that is what saved me in the end. Otherwise his ego wouldn’t of stopped until he had me 6 foot under. Needless to say, I had to raise my children alone and stuggled through the remains of a shattered career. He basiclly ruined our lives in an enviroment where everyone knows everyone. My company file is a mess. He made captain, and the drug pimp in the house, well, his brother was fast tracked on the ships and will be chief mate in no time. It’s called the good ol boys club.
    The only thing I’m guilty of, I didn’t play mean enough politics in Alaska. I’ll never see Captain. I’ll retire as Third Mate. Busted down from Chief Mate. I didn’t turn in a captain for gambling with the crew and I was guilty of the knowledge. The pimp brother, well he lives on the Mexican boarder in San Diago. Everyone is financially well off. The bad boys always win. Me, I’m recovering from Addison’s disease, broke on disability, and struggling to keep my youngest in college. My oldest somehow made it through highschool through all this embarrasment. We survived, and kept our faith.
    Captain Rio, (on license only).

    Comment by Rio Dalton — March 7, 2008 @ 12:05 am | Reply

  10. Back to the long running saga of the psycho hose beast from hell. The long two year custody battle is over. Not only did this piece of shit loose custody of her kid, my partner was the first investment banker to attain full custody and not have to pay her one red cent in alimony. Legal firsts here in london. You can imagine what kind of individual she is. You have to be a drug dealer or a prosititue to loose custody……………..she is neither but I will leave it to your imagination.

    Comment by Allegra — March 7, 2008 @ 12:06 am | Reply

  11. I understand the crazy ex crap. Best to just avoid them when possible and sit back and watch them self-destruct.

    Comment by Bob — April 14, 2008 @ 6:39 pm | Reply

  12. i can’t find the words to tell you what my partner’s ex wife has put my partner, their kids, his parents and me through in the last 7 years. sometimes I just want to walk away or sometimes I want to hurt her ( I won’t, I am rational I don’t want to go to prison). Every minutiae of life for her is an emotional tool. It never ends. from breaking court mandated visits, to pressing false assault charges and fucking the arresting officer after accusing my partner of punching her ( no witnessess and ,funny, no marks), to reporting us to the police for federal kidnap cos one of the kids wanted to live with us and would not leave the house- she called the police on an 8 year old to make him come home- they said he could stay so she called in the feds like on the telly, to stalking me and giving me phonecalls in the middle of the night to the mundane- not packing any underwear so we buy (even) more which they then wear then not packing underwear again so we buy more etcetc. turning up at the door and yelling about whatever is on her mind, threatening to get me fired from work, telling the kids she hates me ( I don’t care but that’s so rough on them) withholding school reports etc, and the finale smoking enough dope that it truly frightens me and I used to be an ex smoker and thought I packed it away. seriously if she doesn’t get dope everyone duck for cover. She works nights but won’t let the kids sleep here they go to her parents even though my partner (and I )would like nothing better. There are times when she chucks a big tantrum and refuses to let my partner see his kids for up to a year at a time. We can’t afford a lawyer- actually we could but then we can’t afford to pay rent or eat. speaking of food takeaway is what she feeds them- not once a week, up to four times a week even though we’ve offered to have the kids for dinner a couple nights a week to help, this has got so bad that the youngest will only eat chips. She’s been reported to child protection 5 times. I know this cos I ended up feeling like a dog and reporting her- she’d just belted both kids across the face, that’s not corporal punishment that’s abuse,- and the lady on the phone told me she was already flagged. the ex- wife has bought an element of trash to my life. thank christ the kids are fabulous. one day we all die- i hope she goes before me so we can all get some peace. ( i would never commit an act of violence on another person no matter how I feel about them. she’ll destroy herself like bob said, thanks for letting me get this off my chest, she cracked a nana today so I feel less wrought now)

    Comment by dawn — April 18, 2008 @ 2:38 pm | Reply

  13. Well my now x wife is pregnant with my child and with the nonsense she has put me through i would want nothing more than to just have her out of my life. She chased after me when i was at school and attacked me one night before the divorce. I dont know what she is going to do when this child comes but the only peace i have had in my life in the past 6 months is the last 2 weeks when she stopped talking to me. But she is back to her old ways calling at 3 am 3 times telling my voicemail that i need to wake up…Atleast she isnt calling me 35 times a night. O but she is calling my work (the army) telling them that i need to do this that and the other thing. That the doctors need to talk to me and all of this nonsense. But i do know that a doctor does not care where the father is when making decisions about a birth. I would love nothing more than to have her out of my life but it doesnt look like that will happen…Thanks for the venting

    Comment by LT S — April 19, 2008 @ 5:53 pm | Reply

  14. i only hope that one day everyone around her will acknowledge how 2-faced she is. My family and friends have been supportive, but of course i had to tell her of some of the serious shit she has pulled (but not the stuff she has said about them). i keep a quote she said about me from her blog with me in my wallet in case any of her family decides to get in my face about me being ‘unjust’ or some crap. Then I can just pull it out and show them who their daughter really is and say ‘nice parenting’.
    She recently spazzed because i wouldn’t sign papers for the baby to have a passport so she could take him to ireland on ‘vacation’ while she’s on maternity leave. When i said not a chance, she wanted to know if i would explain to him ‘why i was denying him his right as a canadian citizen to have a passport.’
    To which i could only reply that i had no probem with that, but i could wait until he’s a bit older, as he’s only 5 months old and probably won’t comprehend international travel.

    Counting down the days until our custody order is reviewed.

    Comment by 2bcontinued — May 7, 2008 @ 5:43 am | Reply

  15. It’s so comforting to hear that others are going through this too. I knew my fiance’s ex when they were still together and although she seemed kind of messed up, I didn’t find out just how messed up she is until my guy left her for me and then everything blew up in our faces. She threatened me at work and tried to get me fired, I eventually had to quit my job over the situation. She sent me vile letters calling me all kinds of names. She tried to seduce him when he was staying at her house to help out with the kids (on multiple occasions) and continued to act sexually inapropriate until he finally refused to stay over at all. The only reason she doesn’t try to seduce him is that he never sees her anymore without me there (and boy does that piss her off). She tries to exclude me from “family” occasions. She calls all the time and refuses to be civil to me when we drop the kids off. She bitches about me to everyone we know to the point where many people will not talk to her anymore. She constantly makes demands that are irrational and takes every opportunity to be petty that she can. She is completely delusional and can’t accept that he left her. On the day we became engaged, she became unhinged and screamed at my ex for almost an hour about how we were ruining her life and doing this to hurt her and ranted about how “wrong” I am for him. She is far older than me, is overweight and not very attractive and dresses in the dorkiest styles. She doesn’t take care of herself at all and I am a girly girl and thin and that makes her even more angry, and even thought her self-esteem is obviously rock bottom, she still seems to be completely delusional and doesn’t understand why he would rather be with me. She is incredibly boring and not very intelligent. She has no interests, hobbies, can’t manage her money and has nothing interesting to say. She just has nothing going for her at all and yet she can’t understand why he is so happy with me. My fiance and I share the same sense of humor, values, interests, goals, many hobbies and are best friends. We even have fun doing the laundry. His kids love me (much to her chagrin and barely controlled rage). Anyway, she has no concept of what is appropriate and I am sick of having this psycho woman in my life who won’t let go. She’s not going away, so I am learning to deal with her and manage the amount of influence she has on our life, but it’s great to hear that others are going through this too. How do I get her to let go and move on? Is it possible? Anybody have any advice for sending the message to her that she needs to move on that will actually be effective? (I told her blatantly what I think of her behavior and that she needs to let go and move on and she freaked out, had a meltdown and was better behaved for a while, but is now sliding back into her old behavior).

    Comment by Isabel — May 12, 2008 @ 11:04 pm | Reply

  16. i can’t wait until i tell my X that i’ve met another – a woman who is crazy beautiful, shares the same values and humour as me as well. I’m betting that she is going to try to withhold custody even more until she gets to ‘meet her’ and ‘approve’ of her and all that.
    I just came back from my baby’s great-grandfather’s funeral, to which she stated that it wasn’t a good idea for me to pick up the baby to take him to the family wake as ‘it was too far for him’. Of course, far being an hour drive away from her parents’ place. I told her that this family situation would be a no-brainer for anybody else and so she offered to ‘accompany’ him to the wake, cc’ing her lawyer this reply as well, i replied that it was too late and that i would bring it up in court when our temporary joint custody agreement is reviewed in 3 months time.

    I thoroughly enjoyed monday morning when she was trying frantically to get ahold of me to drive him out to the wake after no doubt receiving some sane advice from her lawyer.

    This is also the same woman who 3 months ago tried getting me to sign passport papers so that she could take him to Ireland for a holiday during her maternity leave.
    Plus, ALL toys from China are apparently more dangerous than kitchen knives. The toys that my mom gives to him, i take back with me and keep out of sight from her. Last time i tried some small talk with her after my last 2 hour visit with him, she asked me if i had mowed her lawn on her now-rented out house, then told some strange lady that the reason the baby’s head was so big was because ‘he gets it from his father’ (it’s baby big, not mutated) and that they go to a West Vancouver pool because it’s ozone-treated. When i told her i was leaving, she told baby that her and baby weren’t important enough for me to stay around and visit them.

    i can’t wait until karma catches up with her. I can only enjoy the fact that once she rejoins the real working world, she’s got some rude, legal awakenings coming her way.

    okay, i’m done venting until the next time…

    Comment by 2bcontinued — June 6, 2008 @ 4:37 am | Reply

  17. Married just 2 months and the freaking crazy nut X just wont let go.. SHes like a sucker branch stuck to a newly growing tree and sucks all the nurishment out of it and isnt happy till my husband is miserable and me too I guess.. He tries to talk to her privately but is only on the phone for less than a I know they are not conversing long. He wont even tell me what she calls for unless I pry it out of him and it starts a big yelling match.. My new sister in law called the other day to inform me of what kind of nut his X is becasue she had called him 3 times and left voice mails which i heard and had to confront him with that she was going to be quitting her job, and traveling here across 3 states.. And Im like asking why the Hell is she coming here.. My new sister in law was reasuring that she is talking out her ass.. and has been tromenting my husband for 2 years this way.. Still its frickin irritating to know she is calling.. and for what reason? no fucking reason! and then after I get excalated and begin to yell I have to say, “just tell me why she called and Ill be happy, damn it!” then he says no reason.. What the hell, its 1:00 am and shes calling him.. Im praying she meets some other man, like one of the other posters here said.. and that will be the only thing that will distract her Im assuming.. I just want to live a happy peaceful life.. this happens like every other day.. and he just wont hang up! sometimes I wonder if hes hanging on too..
    on top of that, my husband has been diagnosed with depression and is starting medication, which makes him sleep, or irratable when hes tired and hasnt had sleep.. She knows nothing about any of it and is just making thngs worse.
    what do you suggest? should I call the witch and some how threaten her to stop calling or else.? Im not a violent type but Im getting pretty damn fed up and pist off about this whole situation..

    thanksf ro the site, and please anyone — advice I can take to heart and amybe get some peace to move on forward into a loving relationship with my new husband.????

    first lady of the house

    Comment by first lady — July 3, 2008 @ 9:51 am | Reply

  18. I am feeling all of your pain. I’m so glad I’m not alone. I feel like I’m going crazy. My husband’s exwife is so crazy and down right mean. Everything you all have said about your husbands’ ex wives has happened to us. It just isn’t fair. I notice how I become a different person when the B*tch calls or if her name is ever brought up. I get very quiet, distant, and pissy. It completely ruins my day. I get diahrrea immediately. It’s so awful how it makes me feel…just hearing him talk to her on the phone. I worry what has she accused us of this time? It has put a huge burden on my relationship with my stepdaughter who is 4yrs old. I feel like I just want to hide myself in my bedroom when she’s there and I fear she can feel me not wanting to be around her. I just can’t deal with the way I feel when being reminded of her mother. UHG! I need counseling or something. I don’t know how else to make it better. I love my husband but this shit is harder than I expected. I keep a journal of everything the B*tch has done but I need to keep up with it more than I do. I wish I didn’t care as much as I do, then it wouldn’t bother me. At least the hang up calls at midnight have finally stopped…for awhile.

    Comment by Glad I'm not alone in this crazy sh*t — July 5, 2008 @ 4:45 am | Reply

    • Does it ever end? Feeling defeated and worthless.

      Comment by Love is Thicker than Water — September 19, 2015 @ 2:31 am | Reply

  19. I was in a relationship for 5 years. Every time I tried to get out, she’d go insane. she’d make scenes in public,follow me to work, lay down in the middle of the road and cry and pull her hair. It got ingrained in me that what is going on with this woman is my fault, and I can’t leave her. She got pregnant, and we had an abortion, because I can’t imagine having a baby with her. Our fights progressed to being physical (she’d punch and kick and I’d push her away). Life was hell. I went out of town and was planning on breaking up, she says she’s pregnant again, with twins! We talked about abortion again, she just did it, but it was botched. Now she’s in the hospital, she refuses to eat, she won’t calm down. She became diabetic and anorexic, while pregnant with a child. She went to my work and cried to them. I can’t show my face to my colleagues anymore, so I quit my job without having a backup. She refuses to talk about the pregnancy until I go back and talk to her face to face. I feel like my whole life is ruined, and it’s still not over yet.

    Comment by Sam — July 20, 2008 @ 11:37 am | Reply

  20. Has anyone actually beat this stuff? My husbands ex-wife is just a psycho, dumb ass whore who has accused us of everything in the book, filed cps charges and although the kids are placed with us right now, she managed to get the kids placed in foster care until they somewhat realized that she is a manipulating selfish asshole with no regard for anyone , not even her own kids. She wants her parenting time back so now shes playing nice nice with the counselors. problem is we know shes full of shit and they all believe she has “shifted” and is now “enlightened” yet she is still lying her skanky ass off. She is truely the worse thing I have ever seen. I mean she lost a child at birth and tried to make her daughter tell the counselors that we did not allow her to attend her sibling’s funeral! When we said we had no knowledge or else the kids would have been there, she threw a big drama fit in front of the counselors, then when we got home, we gave our condolences to the kids and told them we were sorry that happened to thier family and we were sorry they couldnt make it. Then the kids told us they did go, they went to the funeral. She even used her deceased child to try to make us look like heartless assholes like herself, and used her 12 year old daughter in her scheme. She has accused us and had her kids accuse us of everything. Shes just a miserable dumbass that changes men probally more often that she changes her underware but she has managed to do a lot of damage to our family. We are still in counseling and have to go see this dumbass in counseling with cps doctors and we get no where, this has been almost a year of this counseling and she has fucked up so many times during this time frame and still manages to gain the sympathy of the doctors after she pisses them off time after time again! She even married someone 4 days after they took her daughter away from her, 2 months after her fiance kicked her ass, she married someone else, didnt tell anyone, scammed him, and went back to her fat ass fiance who she claimmed beat her. So does anyone have a happy ending, or will it last until the kids are 18. This is very hard, this isnt my life and I get upset at my husband because of his dumbass choice in a slut that is making our life hard but I know its not his fault. I just wish people like this would get their heads out of their nasty assholes and leave everyone alone! I dont even feel the same anymore, I am just pissed off all the time because we deal with this bitch way too much to have a normal week. We are always on edge. I feel like I am turning into a hateful person and my husband has always told me I am the best person he knows because I am a good person. I hate feeling like I dont care anymore and have the attitude along with it. How do people deal with this shit?

    Comment by Sick of this crazy bitch — August 11, 2008 @ 11:14 am | Reply

    • I guess I thought only I was dealing with such a horrible human being! My fiancee and I have done nothing to his ex-wife, but she constantly has something to say to anyone that will listen too her. Mind you from the day I arrived here and we started living together there were constant threats or accusations. My poor little bonus daughter who is torn to do the right thing most of the time is caught in the middle of a crazy woman’s reality. I have NEVER seen anyone lie to the extent and just like “Sick of this Crazy Bitch” I just don’t get it! I have been divorced twice myself….my first husband who was my high school sweetheart had no contact for 21 years, but recently I found him and spoke with him on the phone because I wanted to let him know his son was married and having his own son. He choose to not keep in touch with our son and I chose to live my own life. He was accountable for his actions and I was responsible for being the best mother I could be, not babysitting my ex and worrying about his life. I had my own responsibilities and exes whether men or woman are responsible for being a good parent and moving on with their own lives. My second marriage unfortunately turned out to be a mistake because I was beat up on my honeymoon, no signs of violence in the 3 years of dating….no I did not report it to the police, but I did seek a divorce shortly after our return from our honeymoon even though there were lots of apologies. Years later he called and apologized and was trying to make amends for what he had done and told me he wished he wouldn’t have messed up because he lost me & my family and they were wonderful. I didn’t go on to make his life miserable either! For what? I absolutely do NOT understand how these women CAN’T and don’t want to take responsibility for their part in causing their own divorce or circumstances. THEY ARE NOT HAPPY, SO THEY WANT EVERYONE ELSE TOO BE MISERABLE AS WELL!! Geez, doesn’t that take a whole lot of negative energy to worry about what is going on in your ex’s life. I am so with you when it comes to what do you do when you are on the end of such a horrible person, who then also recruits the other ex-wife to make this person unhappy. What I am also amazed at is how two people who hated one another and called the police on one another and so much more become friends. Huh, well I know why? They are NOT F******g HAPPY, THEY ARE JEALOUS! IF THESE WOMEN SPENT AS MUCH TIME AND ENERGY IN THEIR OWN LIVES AND USED IT TOWARDS POSITIVE THINGS, WOW, COULD YOU EVEN BEGIN TO IMAGINE WHAT THEY WOULD GET DONE! Living like this is crazy! But, what happens when the man you love is wonderful and not the person that ex-wife #1 would like everyone to believe. IT”S INSANITY!! These woman should be locked up in mental institution and not to mention they make the rest of us women look bad, that are actually raised properly! My final words for them: GET ON WITH YOUR PATHETIC LIFE!! LEAVE THE REST OF US ALONE THAT DESIRE A DRAMA FREE LIFE & TO LIVE AS NORMAL AS POSSIBLE. WHATEVER THAT MAY BE! ;o)

      Comment by GETTING THROUGH — January 27, 2010 @ 5:42 pm | Reply

  21. As for dealing with the crazy and/or happy endings….i just have to believe that the crazy will catch up with her and the sooner the better. I wish for the day that her parents call and say ‘wow, how did you live with this shit? Come get your son away from our cokehead daughter.”
    A friend gave me this advice, and it’s pretty hard to take cuz sometimes you need to have that ‘hatred time’ but he said just continue to be there for the kid – in an earlier post i mentioned how she had asked if i had mowed her lawn – he suggested that i offer to take the baby anytime for even only an hour so that she could mow it herself. Never do anything for her, but give her the opportunity to find the time to do it herslef. Continue to give the courts no reason why you should not have as much access as possible with your children, so that when the time comes, you will become the primary caregiver.
    That said, it took over 6 years of him dealing with her, her having 2 other kids with 2 other dads that are out of the picture and a lot of patience on his part. His kid is 9 years old now and he has primary custody.

    Some other advice i’ll throw out there is that if there are no kids at stake, any crazy X’s should already be out of the picture, period. Change phone #’s to unlisted, call block, even a restraining order if given the opportunity would be great. Then sit back and laugh. Your husband is not her therapist and he needs to understand that he’s either enabling or empowering her to stay in his life. … wow…i can’t imagine having to spend any more time than absolutely necessary with my X, and we have a kid!

    On my side of the world, i drove down to Vancouver (500 miles) to visit baby j, making that 3 out of 5 times i have been able to see him this year. When i got home, i was served with papers from her that she had filed 10 days earlier stating she wanted the whole thing, sole custody, support, alimony (for a 3 month sham of a marriage where we never even lived together), and was intending to stay in Vancouver to go back to school so she wouldn’t be returning to the baby’s hometown. And i was given 8 days to respond, of which 3 of those days i was out of town working.
    But i got it done and it felt so gooooooooooodddd!!
    I submitted my affidavit, where i finally got to clear my chest of all the stuff that she had been blogging about me and my family, the emails stating she could go out and get laid that night if she wanted, her offering to suck someone’s cock on her msn messenger, entries insinutating that i would have the baby molested by the time he was 5, a letter from the ministry stating that they were involved in ‘policing’ her blog for breaking confidentiality laws of the Young Offender’s Act (i work withed young offenders for any late arrivers here). Anyways, it was all sent to her lawyer and they can bill her parents outrageous amounts to prepare to fight for her to retain primary custody.

    It does suck knowing that unless she is a junkie, I will lose cuz he is so young and in a stable home environment (being the grandparents), but i’m not telling them that i have already faced up to losing. I’ve been teaching myself the ins and outs and although it is fucking frustrating, my happy ending is when i imagine her face when i serve her papers for the judicial case conference which willl give me the opportunity to bring all that shit she’s been saying about me out into the open. I can’t imagine how she’s going to be able to ‘justify’ all the stuff she neglected to put in her affidavit.

    Then i’m going to consult with other lawyers about throwing a civil lawsuit against her for loss of income, my main arguement being that her blog outing me as someone who works with teen sex offenders put me at extremely high risk while out in the community, thereby causing me to find other work. I’ll keep you updated on that.

    So, although i will continue to try to be a good father figure to my son, to the Crazy i am going to be a thorough pain in her ass for the next few years, and let her parents pay her legal bills until i imagine she also finds some other guy dumb enough to distract her or her parents get wise to why she is 31 years old, freeloading off her parents. Plus, i don’t have to deal with the poopy diapers.

    Comment by 2bcontinued — August 16, 2008 @ 10:01 am | Reply

  22. The long and short of my story is I dated this girl for about 7 months. However it was really like 3 weeks of dating and 25 weeks of breaking up. We were essentially on and off every couple weeks, all of the break-ups and most of the ruinations were initiated by her. In hindsight I realize what a huge red flag this is, but at the time she would constantly say how ideal things would be if I could just stop being lazy and fix myself. So foolishly I plugged on.

    Cut to recently and I can’t take the “I hate you, don’t leave me” aspect of the relationship anymore and I call it off. To which she told me she would kill herself if I didn’t get back together with her. I don’t know how serious she is, but I know that she’s just unstable enough for that not to be 100% bluff.

    She says that she realizes that this isn’t a permanent situation, and will make comments that indicate this, often referring to us being apart in the future, talking about future relationships, etc. To add to this there are plans for her to travel to a foreign country early next year for approximately 2 years. But those plans are not set in stone.

    Awhile back I had dropped some hints about seeking help for her emotions, to which I was told if I ever called anyone on her she would kill herself because the illusion of sanity is all that she has.

    At this point I have pretty much resigned myself to staying with her until early next year, when hopefully she will leave. Any attempts to distance myself from her result in her tracking me down either at my house or work or at my family’s house. She will call my work non-stop. I have considered trying to disappear for about a month, but I know that would not be long enough. There is no time length that will be long enough.

    Although we are critically understaffed at work, I am tentatively considering quitting my job and moving several states away. There is no other escape from this at this point.

    The real cherry on the sundae is that every web-search I do for advice always points to websites about womens health and how to get away from abusive boyfriends. Cue overwhelming shame.

    Comment by About Blank — September 19, 2008 @ 6:50 pm | Reply

  23. Keep in mind that all this garbage I am sending is coming out of the mind of a crazy, bitter 54 year old exwife. My poor husband was with this nut for 25 years! I would just like some opinions on how much longer you think this woman can continue before she self destructs. So far she is going on 5 years! This is just one email she sent out of 10 in a single day! She sent them from her job, and guess what? She got canned the day this was mailed. Can anyone say “Karma”? How long does it take for someone to come to the realization that they are responsible for their own happinees, or lack thereof?

    “Your mullet hair bucked toothed hillbilly wife that you have broken up with on several occasions, needs to be able to have more than an eighth grade education to understand the legal ramifications of what you two criminals have done to me and my children. Yes, I was so angry when I wrote that e-mail because once again I am dragged into your mess of a life that the two of you keep dragging me into and my children, brother, in-laws etc that keep getting phone calls looking for you because as usual you don;t pay your bills. As for your attorney, I will gladly give him the names of all the attorneys that are involved in this case. I am sure anyone of them will advise you that I am pursuing you and you witch of a bitch for personal injury in Tennessee (separate cases with jury trial) for the tax liens that because of you I have filed against me. Because of the two of you I can’t purchase a car or a house. My attorney thinks that’s worth about a million dollars in injury. Let’s talk about the mess with the IRS and the constant phone calls and letters that my tax attorneys have to deal with because once again you broke the law by embezzling the ten thousand dollars of my money and spent it on a disgusting women and from what I understand you only married because “you needed a car”. I believe those were your exact words. How sad that a “educated and beautiful” (ha, ha) is so insecure in her life that she has to settle for such a loser of a man. (Seven jobs in four years) who has no ethics and morals that he would even commit bigamy, has a felony record for grand theft which can been seen on the Summit County Court website has a warrant for his arrest and can’t be here for his daughter’s surgery, the birth of any of my grandchildren, or the death of any of the people that loved him because you are so morally and ethically disgusting to live your life the way you do. It is so sad that you live in a world of lies and deceit that you don’t even know the difference between real and unreal anymore.

    As for you being legally married (I hope you used the correct social security number) like I said she can’t be too smart if she married a man that wasn’t even you! My attorneys can now lien the house that you two live in. Thank you for that!! As you will see when your letter arrives from the State, they want your house too! Bitter, you bet. You have no relationship with your children (I am not even allowed to refer to you as their father only the “Sperm donor” ) Your own children won’t visit you because of her and you grandchildren don’t want to ever come back to see you. (Brian’s words).

    I will thank her though, because of her, the courts just overturned the $100.00 a month in back alimony and they now can pursue you for all $23,000 ( you don’t even have to have a job as they will pursue any assets valued at $1,000 or more). I bet you even lied to her about your alimony being terminated. They found her website on some book club in Tennessee ,she even lied on it saying you just moved to the Nashville area (dated February 2008). The judge thought that was funny since he was looking at the records for the house she bought Sept 29, 2006.

    I will say you too are the perfect match. You both a pathological liars and have displayed that both in court documents ( the two counts of perjury that the judge will sentence you on) and again when you called the court and never showed up! That was a classic! Lied boldfaced to the judge (smooth move). She, like you has no morals either, obviously it doesn’t bother her that he husband is a wanted criminal. Soon to be wanted on another felony of “willful failure to provide support” I believe is the charge!! And yes, uneducated woman, the State of Ohio they can and will charge Randy for “Felony non support” since you obviously aren’t as educated as you profess to be that means in elementary terms that anytime and anywhere he is stopped for anything the warrant will be there and he will be arrested. You can’t be too smart if you stupid enough to want to live that kind of life.

    Bring your suit…face the embarrassment of your attorney finding out that you are living your life as a criminal, living off money that “legally” doesn’t belong to you and that you are benifitting from Rand’ crime of embezzlement, I am sure he will think as highly of you as our legal system thinks of the both of you here in Ohio. Educated and smart women don’t commit crimes nor do they allow the men they care about too, they won’t want to live a life like that. Randy,why do you think I gave up on you, constantly living with no moral or ethics not even with your own children.

    I am angry because my daughter,whom unlike you, I love dearly, needs help. I can’t help her because of her father chooses to break the law instead of doing the “right” thing by living up to his legal responsibilties. It saddens me that they have no father that they can turn too for help.

    Actually you to are perfect for each other, both patholgiacal liars, both have no morals and ethics, both don;t care the damage they cause to other people’s lives….will do anything including breaking the law…If I were you I would want a refund of that education…”

    Comment by Debbie Tolliver — October 9, 2008 @ 4:41 am | Reply

  24. first, for you suffering from ‘suicidal’ blackmail. She won’t do it. Ever. If she does, she has issues that go way beyond your abilities. Call her on it. Make her realize you don’t care. My Super X-Girlfriend has a line in there about breaking up, either be a wussy or be a man. The manly way is to break it off with her stone cold. Cold turkey. No contact. Wussies are the ‘i’ll still be your friend’ type.
    I played the Wussie, and now i have a son who she’s trying to deny me access from. To do it all over, i’d cut my losses hard. Get a restraining order or call the cops everytime she visited. Let her watch you phone them. Stay in a public place so that not only will any angry vandalism to your place hopefully be avoided, if she attacks you, you will hopefully have witnesses. Keep telling her to calm down in a stern but not loud voice. (but in my experience that will only get her madder, but again, you are legally doing the right thing). Suicidal blackmail is what it is. Get rid of it. Work more if you can, keep busy. Don’t answer your phone. If you don’t have time for her she will find someone else who does have the time and the sooner you do that, the sooner she will be out of your life.

    As for the angry emails, it felt good the first time i quickly replied ‘not going to read this’ and then sent whatever rambling into the trash. I know it’s hard to do cuz deep down we all lovveee the crazy talk but really it does no good. There’s lots of family law websites out there that can give you crash courses on the legal stuff. Technically, there’s no real reason (at least in canada) why you can’t represent yourself. I’ve spent about $500 so far on legal costs, compared to her nearing at least $5000 and she’s going to be spending far more once i sue her civilly. However, if you wish to do that, make sure you are ready for the backlash that will be launched at you. Be strong, take the high road and be comforted in knowing that eventually everyone will see the crazy, including your kid(s).

    Crazy is as crazy does.

    Comment by 2bcontinued — October 10, 2008 @ 7:56 am | Reply

  25. Hi! I am writing to tell my story, I personally dont have an ex wife, but my husband does, and it has been going on for 5 years, his Ex is emotionally abusing his daughters that are 9 and 11. She doesnt allow him to talk to them and then turns around and says, your father wants nothing to do with you, she texts, calls and emails me with harrasing threats…About 2 months ago my husband decided to fight her on custody..this wasnt a normal custody fight because the dumb bitch filed for divorce, after she delivered baby B…which she got pregnant with another man, and being the great man that I know my husband was going to take care of the new baby and did for 6 months…The X gave my husband custody of his daughters..and moved away…until i met him he had his girls by himself…she didnt even have any sort of contact with him for over 18 months no cards, calls or anything…until she found out about me..she went nutso…calling Cps..saying that I was abusing the girls, telling the girls that I was the reason DADDY and Mommy couldnt be together..she is such a psychotic bitch she is also a pathological liar…I am scared for the children…Thanks for reading

    Comment by Lost in San Antone — October 27, 2008 @ 6:13 pm | Reply

  26. Hello, my name is driving and I have a crazy ex-wife. I knew before I was married that I should not have been there and I am paying for it now, as well as my kids, my wonderful new wife and her kids. She filed a cps complaint which was unfounded after that didnt work she went to my work. That didnt work so she then started on the kids. I filed for full custody of the kids and also to show causes, the crap really hit the fan then. She and her mother have told my kids 5 and 3 to call my wife ugly names and most recently she told my daughter, after I got her bangs cut, a total of one inch taken off, that she was not pretty anymore and that she could not look at her face. If she wanted to look like Joy, my current wife who has short hair, she would cut it off for her. What kind of mother would tell her kids that???????????? I have recently come to understand how people can walk away from their kids, I feel like it would be in the best interest of the kids and their mental well being if I just walked away and then they would not be put through the crap that they are. I just want it all to stop.

    Comment by driving me crazy — November 22, 2008 @ 2:05 am | Reply

  27. i feel all of you i really do, i have an ex that just wont let go i know that they have a kid together but please so doi!can some one help me i’m so despreat i can’t take any more, i’m thinking it’s not wearth it, she goes throught a grate length to find everything she can about me, and she uses that to her advantige. she’s breaking me. i don’t know what to do!!!Plaese help me, i’m ashemead to talk to anyone else about my problem. l need help, i don’t know who else to ask, please some one reply

    Comment by ruby — November 22, 2008 @ 3:10 pm | Reply

  28. iqmpnbowuvfjxhvfwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉

    Comment by brerhoolitteedus — December 30, 2008 @ 2:50 am | Reply

  29. I’ve been there and have done all or most of everything recited here. We are not alone and I hope you will check out my blog ( and our newly launched forums.

    Thanks, we need all the support we can get!

    Comment by Mister-M — January 5, 2009 @ 11:24 pm | Reply

  30. I am in the same position. My son is 12 and I have 2 daughters, 17 and 18. I am going the contempt of court route.

    How have you handled this type of crazy behavior?

    Comment by Chuck — April 12, 2009 @ 12:55 pm | Reply

  31. My fiance and I totally indentify with the other posters! His psycho ex has full physical custody of their daughter. The child,unfortunately, has health issues like a seizure disorder among others. His wife has manipulated this into a reason why she can\’t spend time with her Dad. She uses the childs health problems as a way to keep her from us. Every other weekend when my fiance calls his ex, the story is the child is too sick to be picked up. She has asked my fiance to \”walk away\” from his daughter permanently because that\’s in the childs \”best interest\”.She had her current husband call and ask if he could adopt the little girl because they knew it was such a financial burden on him (he\’d been layed off). We\’ve gone to court over these issues and it is heart breaking. I just told my fiance that I am beginning to understand why some ex\’s do walk away from their kids. Not because they are horrible people but because they can\’t tolerate the constant stress, the lies and manipulations, the guilt trips, the pain that the ex spouses put them through. My fiance feels depressed frequently about this whole situation. It should be the norm that a divorced couple get joint custody of a child (unless their is a proven problem with one spouse like drug abuse, neglect/abuse, pedophile etc). That would help put a stop to some of this control that the custodial parent has over the non-custodial. His ex will stop at nothing, exaggerations and outright lies. She told the court that when he has his daughter that there is no interaction between then that he basicly sticks her in front of a movie and ignores her. Now, this woman has been in our home on 2 occasions only long enough to pick up her child at the front door. How could she possibly know how we interact in our home??? It\’s all crap to make he and I sound neglectful. It\’s so hurtful and full of lies. We used to have overnight visits with his daughter and she stated in court \”I\’m not going to let her spend the night I don\’t care what the court order says\”. We haven\’t been allowed overnights for almost a year!! The custodial parent can do almost whatever they want. We also had her charged with contempt and we intend to continue to do so if we are denied access to his daughter. Our lawyer said the contempts build up over time and eventually a person can be jailed. We are in a position of having to be in court constantly fighting for our rights. The ex and her spouse make a lot of money and we don\’t nearly have their resources and they know it. We\’ll keep fighting and I hope you all do to. Crazy ex-wives cannot always win. When are the courts going to see how unconstitutional to give full custody to one parent?

    Comment by Suz — June 17, 2009 @ 1:03 pm | Reply

  32. Reading all these comments i no longer feel alone!!!! I have many dealings with my ex who got over 100k out off our home even tho he doesnt pay a penny child support. He chooses when it suits him to see children, roughly 1 day per fortnight. He doesnt work yet lets me fork out thousands on childcare while I work to maintain the mortgage on the home. The house is in the process of being sold and the children will loose their friends and family home.

    Meanwhile I met a divorcee, he looks after his children every day, he pays half his salary in child support, he left the mortgage free family home to his wife and 2 weeks per year she goes abroad and he looks after kids, which leaves him no time off work to take a vacation himself. She recently found out about me and wont let the children be in my company. Sends me abusive texts an calls at all hours off night then hangs up.

    Comment by Anon — July 15, 2009 @ 8:01 pm | Reply

  33. It’s comforting to hear that my husband and I aren’t the only ones that are dealing with a vendictive, manipulative, controlling, heartless ex-wife who looks out for herself. She left my husband when their daughter was 2, and immediately got with another man whom she tried to get the little girl to call daddy.
    She told him that if she didnt get the money she deserved from their divorce that he would never see his daughter again. we’ll, new husband has son with crazy woman and fast forward some years, she divorces her 2nd husband. She then tells little girl that daddy # 2 is no longer her daddy and that she should have nothing to do with him now. The kicker is that now step dad which is a pretty good guy, is watching my husbands daughter Monday thru Sat, she even stays there with her brother overnight two nights a week. She has recently, on top of everything else has filed for more child support. And smiles about it because she gets a court appointed support lawyer while we have to dish out all kinds of money to our own lawyer. Their daughter (14yrs), is acting out so many ways, she has been sexting, taking pics of herself and much more.she has even messed with our two younger children sexually! which i am sickened over,and this woman acts like its no big deal that daughter is continually bringing filth into our house around our two younger children. We have tried to work with Crazy lady to get kid some help but she says “its no better than she did when she was younger”.We have tried to get her in family counseling but she never includes us in anything. now, she came to our house the other day, My husband confronts her about her giving a cel phone that the kid has already taken explicit pics with of herself and she sends it back with her, my husband finds it and it has some awful X rated wrap ring tones on it. my husband confronts crazy lady about it and as usual, its no big deal to her. “this woman cannot be this blind, to all that her daughter is doing, wow, all I have to say to potental step parents “make sure you know what your getting yourself into before you make the plunge in to hell”. because it won’t be an easy ride. Let me end by saying, I have the most wonderful Husband, that is a wonderful father to our children.its just sad to see a woman manipulate and use her children as a tool to get what she wants. because the only one who looses is the CHILD!

    Comment by Ashley — August 17, 2009 @ 6:54 pm | Reply

  34. Here’s a new twist on the crazy ex wife. I work with her. Me and my co-worker used to be great friends. And when her husband told her a week before her birthday that he wanted a separation, I felt really bad for her. I felt terrible for her when we discovered that he had another girlfriend that he was not exactly truthful about. But that is where I stop feeling sorry for her. She immediately had a lawyer hired – which her mother paid for- and shortly after that started dating the new girlfriends ex boyfriend. She wiped out his bank account that he used to pay federal taxes on his construction business. But here is where I come into this. I have to sit and listen to her every single work day. She first calls and yells at him for something petty that he may or may not have done. She then calls her boyfriend and repeats the same conversation. Then she calls her mom and then she calls her sister. I have to listen to this all day every day. I feel sorry for the guy. He can’t cut a break. She has spent the entire day finding out if he paid his property taxes and if he is current on a loan that he has. Then she texts his current girlfriend that he is behind, calls her mom and boyfriend to tell them that he is behind. And this is how every day has gone for the past year with her. Honestly I don’t know how she still has a job. I guess she is just good at not getting caught.
    I have dealt with the crazy ex wife. My husbands first wife was a handful to say the least. She would call the cops on us numerous times and the cops would just laugh. But now all the kids are grown and we dont’ have to deal with her anymore. I really feel bad for this guy ‘cuz he has 9 more years to deal with this nutjob.

    Comment by Annette — October 19, 2009 @ 9:46 pm | Reply

  35. Oh even better, here’s a great blog for you all to follow. This woman is fucked up!

    Casey Everly: Why denying a man access to his child is smart
    October 27, 2009
    Here are the benefits of denying a man access to his child:

    You maintain control – This is very important in the case that you need to go to court, you can always claim that he never came to see his kid.
    Keep him off balanced – He will be so emotionally torn up, he will likely fly off the handle only further supporting you efforts as painting him emotionally unstable
    The child is estranged – The child will remain estranged so that you can brain wash them against their father
    In many cases, people will ask me why I don’t want joint custody with the father. Thats a really good question, because if the father were awarded joint custody he would have rights.

    I would most likely lose my ability to claim foul on dozens of parenting seminars
    Child support would go away –
    I would have to see him and deal with the fact that he left me for another woman
    I would have to give him equal say so in his child’s life, NO WAY!
    Its a bad idea, that would mean that he would be given an equal opportunity to be involved in his child’s life.
    I would no longer be able to use it as a crutch or a sob story with friends and family
    No I think keeping him out of the childs life an denying joint custody is the best thing you can do to ensure control over a child and keep a man in the dark. I mean men don’t know how to raise kids, My father never raised me, I wouldn’t know what to say if his views contradicted my own and our child chose his ideals over mine.

    I definitely thing giving a man joint custody is a bad idea!

    Comment by caseyeverly — October 27, 2009 @ 9:41 am | Reply

  36. OMG!!! My story is too long, but I will give you the small version. I am the girlfriend of a wonderful man for two years. Sounds great….until the ex wife got wind that her exhusband actually thought he could move on. They share FOUR kids (yeah I know wth?). The kids are wonderful and she uses them to manipulate him, his family, his money, his freedom, and his ability to be a father. She was the typical controlling woman. She dictated every part of his life and can’t seem to realize IT’S OVER. They have been divorced over two years now. He has been taken to court over 13 times. I have been taken twice (after the police came to my job to arrest me). He asked for nothing in the divorce. She got the house, all the contents there in, $2200.oo a month child support, he co-signed for a new vehicle for her to have for kids, and the ENTIRE BANK accounts including savings. She told him she will make him miserable until the day he dies. She hasn’t made a house payment in over A YEAR!! Souly because its in both of their names. She quit paying on the vehicle he co-signed for. She is taking him back to court for more money. She goes to any and all of HIS family functions and uses the kids as the excuse. She tells him how she wants him to act, do, and speak. NO JOKE. She really believes its up to her whether or not I’m fit to be around his kids…who love me. She has taken all the courts will allow. She even accused him of attempted rape on CHRISTMAS! I can’t touch her, speak to her, or mention her name per a court document. I told her to burn in hell…and the court granted her a NKO. Please someone tell me they have a story worse than mine!!!!

    Comment by Mel — October 29, 2009 @ 6:52 am | Reply

    • omg are we possibly in the same boat? wow, i hate his ex and wish mean things upon her! i know this is wrong but whatta ya do?

      Comment by angie — January 20, 2010 @ 5:57 pm | Reply

    • Anyone who manages to read this, It’s Mel from the previous post. We are headed to court next week. Please pray for us. We need this win. We dished out $3000 bucks for an attorney that was suggested to us. This attorney basically…doesn’t lose. We have another court date after this one, and then we are going for a all out custody or visitation motion. Next week is for the increase in child support she wants. I suppose $2000 a month just doesn’t get anything paid for her. The next is over two contempt orders against HER. We need to win this!! If we do, we may receive some peace. The kids may get some consistancy of their father in their lives. I’m so angry, so bitter, and so sick of all of it. I honestly can’t stand her name or mention there of. I have never hated someone so much or been pushed so far in my life. The court system is so jacked up though, who knows how it will go. Who knows what laws will be overlooked. She plays a victim. Enough said.

      Comment by Mel — January 27, 2010 @ 10:34 pm | Reply

      • I don’t want to say ‘best of luck’ cuz it won’t be luck, it will be karma kicking some crazy ass. Just don’t go easy on her, that’s all i’ll say.

        Comment by jay — January 28, 2010 @ 10:15 am

      • Well, we had our day in court. No results of it yet. She, of course LIED through her teeth. HOWEVER, DRUM ROLL, our attorney hammered her to the wall!!! She ended up crying and couldn’t answer a lot of the questions concerning her income and deposits that didn’t match up with her story. We did find out however, she is using another guy for money. He has been her boyfriend for over two years and she told him that my boyfriend (father of their four kids) doesn’t pay her anything. LMAO!!! He has paid child support since the day he left her sorry ass. He has NEVER been late and never skipped a payment. SO, she is using the “poor single mom w/no help” story to get his money too!! WOW. I would love to see her face the day she opens the court motion when he goes after custody. His family have been taking pictures of the living conditions and documenting everything they can against her. Eventually…good wins. It just take a lot more fight. How can you hide 2000 per month in child support from a live in boyfriend?!! What a using controlling manipulative creature.

        Comment by Mel — February 12, 2010 @ 10:24 pm

  37. omg, i have been divorced for going on 6 years and have recently met someone who has swept me off my feet! he warned me his ex was crazy,really crazy but assured me he wouldnt allow her to infringe on our relationship.ok so he told her he was seeing me a couple months into it, due to the kids coming over and meeting me. well Hell is a light word to use, when describing how she has talked about me,and the trouble she has created, i often cry because she is so hurtfull, ive honestly done nothing to provoke it,except fall in love her ex.She lies, hasnt worked in years has a sugar daddy paying for everything, and plots the kids against him,I am an upstanding citizen who volunteers,fund raises, works in a nursing home, i have my own house, car and pay my own bills. i get shes jealous, and the best is to prolly keep my mouth shut,and i do. until i cant take it any more. i usually just vent to him. im to the point that I HATE HER! and i hate the word hate! wth! I refuse to allow her to steal my energy,but at the same time i just wanna beat her, and ive never been in a fight before. so if anyone is out there and has any suggestions,PLEASE advise me!

    Comment by angie — January 20, 2010 @ 5:54 pm | Reply

    • Honestly Angie it doesn’t seem like it, but your silence will be her demise in the long run. Its very frustrating to deal with this on pretty much a daily basis (because if your not talking about it, your thinking about it). Remember, it is jealousy, but maybe its a chemical inbalance in her head. It sounds funny, but I believe many women have mental issues that only surface when a event they can’t control or is tramatic for them…regardless if they caused it. It may get better, but it may never get better. The more wonderful you are, the more pathetic she seems. Its a horrible pointless game on her part. Don’t play. Don’t cry darlin. That woman deserves NONE of your tears. Remember you have the man. He loves you. SHE can’t bear that he moved on…regardless if she still wants him or not. Women can be evil creatures, but nothing goes unpunished. She will get what is coming, but probably not in the timing we would prefer. Hold your head up. I always say this and you should too “I AM A BEAST OF A WOMAN AND YOU CAN THROW ANYTHING AT ME AND I WILL MAKE A POSITIVE OF IT ONE WAY OR ANOTHER…so keep throwing!”. Hold your chin up!! I remind myself everyday that I can do this!! I can be the better person. Because honey, if it wasn’t for those kids…well I will just leave it at that because lord knows I don’t wanna go to court again LOL!

      Comment by Mel — January 27, 2010 @ 9:51 pm | Reply

      • Thanks Mel! I agree its worse on her that im, me. Meaning, i dont lower my self to her level and respond to anything, it kills her that she cant dig up any dirt on me, nothing, from anyone, HA.
        The last thing that got her ticked off was that when she droppd off the kids, 15,14,13 with their dad at my house, she wanted to be invited in. i over heard him say “its not my house”. after they left he informed me she was mad cause she wasnt invited in. I said shes gonna have to be mad cause SHES NOT welcome in my house. At a later date she told him if i dont let her in my house she wont let him see the kids, i said FINE. SHE needs a court order before she will ever be allowed in my house. Heres the deal. I,me ANGIE has controll of who comes in and she doesnt nor will she ever have any controll of ANYTHING in my life as far as i can tell, go me go me,

        Comment by angie — January 27, 2010 @ 10:27 pm

    • She flipped over not being invited in??? That is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. Why would she even wanna come in? And if you did, then what? Is she gonna comment on your drapes and have coffee? What a nutcase. She is just nosey. She wants to “see” your house and compare to hers. She wants to know if its better or worse. There is no other reason for it. Well other than the obvious…just to piss you off! I agree with yah sista!! My nutcase exwife ordeal is NEVER walking inside my door either, and I don’t believe there is a law that states you ever have to do that.

      Comment by Mel — January 29, 2010 @ 7:06 pm | Reply

      • lol yep shes nutts i believe she has alot of mental issues. This happend this week….they had court, over the the 2 younger ones 13-14. she tried getting me to have to do a psych eval!! WTF for? are you kidding me!! Omg im so glad ive found this blog it gives me a chance to vent! ive attempted writing her a letter killing her with kindness but it always turns in to me screaming at the keyboard, so i just delete it, now that i have the blog its way better!! lol
        hope you have a great weekend

        Comment by angie — January 29, 2010 @ 8:44 pm

  38. After only 3 years of dealing with the crazy, i finally had my day in court. I lost.
    I lost my custody case because she lied under oath.
    I lost because i represented myself, someone on the edge of the poverty line who believed that i had done the homework necessary to make this case a lock, and because i had done all the correct legal things when the crazy attempted to run/ruin my life by documenting calls, filing police reports, taking pictures of crazy text msgs that she sent me, etc.
    Now it’s been 10 days since i found out that the judge ruled in her favour in everything and i wonder what i did wrong.
    Two reasons stand out. I lost because i am a decent human being who believes in telling the truth and as such, others would do the same.
    She, however, has no issues with lying under oath.

    I lost because i did not call as a witness the social worker who removed my son from her because her family was unable to guarantee the safety of him. She claimed she had only 1 drink and was upset that they were taking him away.
    I lost because i did not have the rich parents to pay for legal counsel and wrongly believed that i could have done this in my sleep.
    i wrongly believed the judge would consider her drunken phone calls, her requests for me to go commit suicide (said in front of our boy), her lies and her refusal to comply with previous court orders for me to maintain access over a 800 mile distance.
    I wrongly believed justice and karma were the same thing.
    I wrongly believed that justice was only blind and not deaf.

    I now find myself with no choice but to continue this fight, to go through the appeal process with the aid of a lawyer that i cannot afford because now it is not only about myself, it’s for all the other fathers out there that find themselves in the same position and are looking for the legal arguement or precedent upon which they can rely.
    Despite me having that precedent of ‘no status quo’ (at least in canada), the judge still ruled that because she has been his primary caregiver while awaiting trial and that i did not supply enough evidence to prove that I was the better choice for custody (she FUCKING LIED UNDER OATH!!).
    To hurt even more, i am a family support worker, who works with families dealing with the ministry and/or care for kids that are in the ministry. She is a ‘full-time student’ who is majoring in tourism.
    So at least this proves that the system isn’t biased, i guess.

    Comment by jay — January 26, 2010 @ 1:44 am | Reply

    • im so sorry for your loss, im glad you havent given up. You will win! keep beating the rock and it WILL eventually crumble. I havent heard from my friends ex in a couple weeks, probly since ive found your site. I believe in you and her lies will get her. i hope you keep us posted, i dont wish anything bad(usually) on anyone, however i hope you get the chance to see it WHEN it does come back and bite her!! good luck to anyone in our situation!!

      Comment by angie — January 26, 2010 @ 5:29 pm | Reply

    • I just gotta ask myself: WHY DON’T THESE WOMAN HAVE TO TAKE SOME KIND OF TEST BEFORE THEY ENTER A COURT ROOM! Amazing that they continue to get away with it……they lie, cheat and steal and will always do it because its about winning for them. Have you ever thought about how much these woman use their own children as pawns in their master manipulative game of let’s make the world miserable, because I am. I am embarrassed by these woman and as a woman in todays world it makes it much more difficult to form healthy relationships with your partner when these “CRAZY EX-WIVES” seem to have only one thing on their mind. They should make them have a psychological evaluation and see counselors who can identify these women who represent themselves as the victim, but are NOT. If anyone had to live in our home and see what my wonderful fiancee’s ex-wives do, they would be appalled and I am almost sure if a judge, police officer, lawyer or any other person that lets these woman fall through the cracks and acknowledge them as the victim……surely if they were on the receiving end of this madness, someone would be doing something to get things changed. Let me just say that his ex-wifes can do whatever they want, say whatever they want, but we are a strong couple with proper beliefs and values and they WILL NOT try to make us unhappy just because they are. I believe that life is full of lessons and although sometimes they are not ones I would like, I will learn something and move forward. I am terribly sorry for you and what you dealing with, just let me assure you that you are not alone! Keep strong, have faith…..don’t believe in karma……but believe in God’s grace. Be the best parent you can be to your child and do not give in to the games and lies. STAY STRONG!

      Comment by GETTING THROUGH — January 27, 2010 @ 5:57 pm | Reply

  39. I have an issue with my fiancée ex wife. They have a child together he’s 4. Were gettig married this month and she can’t accept the fact that he’s moved on. She started taking him to therapy to get my fiancé involved with her as well and she just won’t move on. I sent her the child support and now she’s claimig there’s 20 dollars missing when her child support was always that amount. She doesn’t let me speak or have any interaction with the child, when I’m paying for his extracarricular class after school. I’m trying my best to show interest in the child but she cares about my fiancé (her ex husband). . She’s obviously still in love with him, and doesn’t move on. She keeps taking him to court just to see him, and yet she knows that were engaged! I’m scared shell make false accusations of harrassment against me because he’s the type to make up stories. But I wonder of he never stopped to think that she’s the crazy ex wife everyone has issues with!!?? Can I file a restraining order? Is there some sort of way to stop her taking my fiancé to court for no reason?I love my fiancé and I’m not backing out, but I was wondering of there’s any way I can fire back at her without obviously hurting emotionally the child? I love the child, and I’m an easy going person but Im wondering if I can take her to court ourselves for makig our lives impossible. She’s even askig questions at my JOB about my personal life to see if she can juice out anymore money!!! Are you kidding me!!?? Sounds like harrassment!! Please post your thoughts!! Smart ways I can talk bck to her, how should I react to her… Anything!!!!

    Comment by Jen — April 9, 2010 @ 7:54 am | Reply

  40. His ex wife also called me his teenage gf. Lol be because she’s 10 years older than me!! Little does she know that this 24 year old, yes guys, 24…. I ALOT more mature than she is!! I there any way we could do some kind of petition so the fathers have more rights to the children depending on the mothers mental status. Because this ex is CRAZY!!! And just because the child came or of her all of a sudden we need to pay her child support while she uses it for herself, and doesn’t even buy the boy clothes. He’s 4 and he was wearing a size 2 pants!!!! They looked like high waters!! Omg, I wanted to say so Mich to her, but we went ahead an bought him clothes and we always have questions as to what she uses that money on!! Is there any way of provig it so we stop the child support. Because in this ase it’s called ex support. And that’s just sad for a 34 year old woman to waste money on herself and her child. If we could get full custody, I’d love that! Thatchil loves me and my fiancé sees it more and more. She interrogates him whenever we drop him off o find out what we were doing and about our personal lives too. And not only that but the child told us that if he doesn’t answer the questions mommy asks him, she pita him in time out!!! what kind o mother is that!!?? So not only is she after my fiancé because she hasn’t gotten over him, but she also treats the son like a criminal. Help me!! Any suggestions? Please post.

    Comment by Jen — April 9, 2010 @ 8:07 am | Reply

    • yea. welcome to the pyscho club. So far, it sounds like there is little that you can do about her, to be frankfully honest, unless your man wants to attempt to get more access (maybe a 50-50 split). If the child is 4, he’s going to be starting school soon so it may be significant reason to review the home situation and perhaps you can prove that your home is better for him however, the chances are probably slim if she’s the primary caregiver. Gloat that she is jealous of you for being young and leading the life that she thought she was going to have and blew it, for whatever reason.
      Custody payments are hers to do what she wants, unfortunately. Send it by cheque, so there’s a record. There’s nothing that can be done about what she spends it on. Just work on that boy’s self-esteem, making him feel special and welcome no matter what she does, and he’ll want to spend more time with you. Keep a journal of every contact wiht her, who was witness, what it was about, when he was over, when he called or you called him.
      If she freaks out over what you are doing or going to your workplace, then you have some leeway to call the cops, file a few complaints of harrasment, get a restraining order.
      My X and her mom called me drunk and berated me and my young partner one night. Next day i talked to the cops about what i could do – 2nd time it happened, i called the cops and my son got taken away from them for the night as they were deemed ‘too intoxicated to care for the child’. Never called again.
      I represented myself in court, didn’t subpoena the officers involved so their report was not admitted into evidence and she said that she had only 1 glass of wine that night and that due to my work in social services, i was able to pull strings to have him taken away (complete unethical bullshit).
      I lost my case but will be doing it again after the 1 year waiting period has ended to try for custody again – this time doing it right.

      Comment by jay — April 10, 2010 @ 3:49 am | Reply

  41. how do you not go nuts . my x wife of 8 years and two kids . wow she slept with half of the guys in town and lied to me well i drove two hours to get work to pay the bills . then she got in to meth and slept with the meath dealer when we were to gether and had a kid with him . she tryed to set me up to look like i beat her up with his help to get my house . thay lived in my house for two years with my kids and the cops wouldnt do anything . The cort was fun barron co. wi. has let her get away with everything , indangerment d.w.i. with the kids in the car . a roll over with the kids and open beer cans . now she keeps on slaming me on face book . she broke my heart wrecked my life . an i had to deal with the three tooth meth dealer starting fights every time i picked up my kids . the cort does nothing . nor do the cops . heart brakeing over and over . now i know why guy give up . no hope !

    Comment by sean — August 27, 2010 @ 9:35 pm | Reply

  42. i thought her almost killing my kids in a rollover would be it . my son 8 years old slid down the road at 55 after comeing out the window on the first roll . no sean belt . I don’t know how he made it . I have payed for cort so much i cant pay more and the cort treats me badly . because i dont have a lawyer . I thought her picking the kids up from school drunk with the meth heads kid in the car and getting a d.w.i. 2 would be all it would take to get my kids . not in barron co wi. thats no big deal .God help me .

    Comment by sean — August 27, 2010 @ 9:50 pm | Reply

  43. i know all about psycho wives

    Comment by Arlene de leon Magbanua — November 13, 2010 @ 2:59 pm | Reply

  44. family counseling is sometimes needed because you cannot solve all your problems ~`*

    Comment by David Harris — December 1, 2010 @ 7:46 pm | Reply

  45. I am dealing with my fiances ex wife for over 2 and a half years now. she is psychotic. She has had so many cps cases against her but they never do anything. the children tell me all sort of bad stuff how she leaves the 7 year old home alone to babysit the younger kids 1, 3 and 5. she also left the 9 year old home to watch her newborn… (the 1 year old and newborn are from a recent relationship with the guy she cheated on her now ex with) she lies and takes him to court constantly, child support to be raised and now custody. she is mad because the 9 year old wants to live with his father so now she doesnt allow them to come over. she had moved closer to where we live and transferred her low budget job to be right across the street from my fiances work. tries calling him at work constantly, harassing him threatening him using court as a tool for control. she lies to the judge she is insane i wish this would stop im sick of it

    Comment by jb — January 5, 2011 @ 11:46 am | Reply

  46. Hello, I am also dealing with the unreasonable, crazy x-wife. I’ve been with my fiancee for about 2 years now. He has 2 children. Tyler is 5 and lyndsey is 6. They are wonderful loving children and all we want to offer for them is a fun loving, safe and caring environment. They were still married when we got together but she left him about 4 years ago for another man. She has been living rent free at her parents house since they sold the house they used to live in. My fiancee only got half the house and then she got half and he left her with everything.. ( all furniture,the kids ect..) My fiancee could only see his children 2 days a week and the kids were never allowed to stay extra nights when they asked. When I first moved in to my fiancees townhome she would call in the middle of dinner after coming to pick up the kids to ask if he was getting remarried as tyler had told his sister lyndsey that he is and lyndsey is very upset about it. There are so many pety things that she has done that its too hard to list them all. It was my idea to set up a meeting at a restaurant with the four of us(her and her boyfriend and me and my fiancee) all parents involved to work things out for the kids sake. During that meeting she wished us good luck in having any more children with no money. She was trashing my fiancee because he doesnt drive. We have a household car but my fiancee prefers to use transit as it is costing him less and one less bill to worry about. She told me at that meeting that I need to get over her. She started crying in front of us in the restaurant because i told her we are getting married and planning on having children in the future. Her boyfriend just sat there and said nothing the whole time like a puppet on a string. I had to go under heavy sedation to extract my wisdom teeth at the dentist on me and my fiancee’s only day off as we both work full time and it happened to be on the day that we see the kids. We gave her two weeks notice that we would only be able to see the kids on the sunday and not the monday because of my important appointment and she insisted that we move it as she is in the middle of midterms ( she is taking him to court for more child support which he has always paid yet she can afford to go to school and put the kids in soccer) so she expected us to wait on my oral surgery appointment so that she could study. We said no way sorry we gave her two weeks notice. I am a dental receptionist so when she told me that my stepdaughter was having 100% overbite and that she will need orthodontics treatment, I offered her to come to my office as she would possibly get major discounts. WHen she dropped the kids off she asked me where i work and i let her know and then she clearly stated to me that she prefers to go to another office. I didnt push the issue any further as i thought as i doing the right thing for my step dautghters best interest at heart. She never enquired any further about my offer or what it entitled and then ended up taking my fiancee to court for orthodontics and daycare. She gets subsities from the government for day care so she pays only a small portion, she gets 713 a month in child support from my fiancee and another 400$ from the government. She has 600000$ sitting in her bank account from the money she got from her half when they sold the house with no debts. She lives rent free and drives a car and her parents buy the children everything. When we asked her why she was taking us to court and it was a bit extreme she replied that she didnt want to be nice anymore because of my fiancees sarcastic remarks. We are struggling and I have my own debts. My fiancee bought a 3 bedroom townhome in case his children ever want to live with him, he works to job to support both households and she still wants more money. She told the kids that they can no longer come over to their daddys house if we dont go pick them up but before i came along she used to drop them off all the time. If we buy them something for their birthday she will go and buy the exact same gift. She complains about us to family justice all the time about petty stuff. We take the kids everywhere, the aquarium, the zoo, amusement park, the beach, we have a nice stable and happy home and she cant get over it. She told me that i can have him and that hes all mine as if i needed her permission in the first place. When my fiancee was still single father she would ask their daughter when she would come over to see him to ask for the key to his new townhome so for months and months he had to tell his daughter that he cant give the key because her mommy doesnt live there. She is a controlling self centered woman who wants her meal ticket and everything else. we took matter into our own hands and took my fiancees daughter to my dental office and Lyndsey is too young to get braces as diagnosed by my dentist . When she is old enough, it will cost me $3000-$6500 for her orthodontics treatment as I will be paying out of my benefits from work. She had the nerve to take us to court on the issue when I had simply offered for her to enquire about my offer and she never did. Now she is lying about it to cover her ass. She is accusing me of not giving her any more information when i had clearly put the offer out there for her and she clearly said she would like to go to another office. the proof is that she attached a receipt for an orthodontics consultation of 50$ at another office to the court order and expects my fiancee to pick up the tab. The kids are getting really affected by her selfish behavior all they want is to spend time with their dad and she keeps making him out to be bad. last summer we too the kids to the amusement park and she threathened to call the cops on us because we didnt tell her where we were even though it was on our day by law in the court agreement and her pick up time was not until the next day. She brainwashes the kids all the time and there is no more peace when shes around. I need some advice. please can anybody relate to this crazyness??????

    Comment by Sabrina St-Georges — February 26, 2011 @ 9:01 am | Reply

  47. i broke up with my ex about 5 months ago and breaking up with her was the best thing i ever did… but it didnt end there… even after breaking up with her for the reason that were in the 11th grade she realy realy wanted kids (b4 we graduate)… about 2 weeks after breaking up with her i found someone else and my ex started talking tm previous girlfriend(of a very happy 4ish months) and threatened her with many lines of how she’ll be hated forever and will be called many unpleasent things… but what makes things realy scary is that she kept the sweater and boxers that she “borrowed” from me in the first couple weeks of dating… she still wears the sweater and is always giving my girlfriend and i dirty looks… if only there was away to get rid of her.. like a shot gun or a 1942 gas chamber…

    Comment by Denver Hayes — April 19, 2011 @ 5:20 am | Reply

  48. I divorced my ex 7 years ago after 16 years of hell. Continuous psychological violence and isolation techniques coupled with physical violence. I stuck it till our son was 15 then got out. I wish to God I’d done it sooner. Staying ‘for the sake of the kids’ is a wrong move. I rebuilt my life at 40 despite having major inferiority problems as a result of my psycho ex. Now, I don’t recognise the person I was having met a beautiful loving woman and rebuilding my life. For me, trying to forgive her was also a poor strategy. I feel so much better for hating the bitch and hoping that she rots in hell for all of eternity.

    Comment by alfie — April 26, 2011 @ 11:53 pm | Reply

  49. I just read I Hate His/Her Ex by Alex Cooper. You can get it on Amazon or other bookstores. It helped me to deal with so many issues that I had with my fiance’s ex – who I really hated!! Now, my relationship is perfect 🙂 xxx

    Comment by pixie — January 3, 2012 @ 7:12 pm | Reply

  50. My fiance has a crazy Ex who has lied and tried to turn all of their 4 adult children against him. She is extremely jealous of me because I am 14 years younger than her (I am 31), have a successful career and my fiance and I are extremely happy together. My Fiance and I met 5 months after she left him for another man and she has turned it all around saying that she only left to stay with a “friend” to deal with her so called depression and that she was coming back. She told everyone that it is my fault even though he didnt even know me when she cheated on him and left him.
    She is now trying to take 75% of everything even though she moved away from their home (to a different state) and there are no dependant children. She has also dragged my income into it as I earn a very high wage. Does anyone know if she can do that? Is my income relevant in his property settlement?

    Comment by Shelly — April 16, 2012 @ 5:45 am | Reply

  51. I have been married for four years. My husbands ex is a real pyscho. (whom he has a ddaughter with) she has filed false charges on him and also on me. We have taken her to court recently but all along having to allegations on him.. He pays child support and never gets to see his child. Now we are back in court fighting for visitation of his daughter. I have children and I am afraid for us. How can I protect my family?????? We live in Texas but the case is in Atlanta, Georgia. She’s never been caught and is REALLY dangerous.

    Comment by christie — June 13, 2012 @ 6:43 pm | Reply

  52. Of I forgot to add that she is diagnosed as a narcarist boaderline personality.HELPPPPPPPP

    Comment by christie — June 13, 2012 @ 6:44 pm | Reply

  53. Why I drink:

    Comment by Baz — June 15, 2012 @ 3:52 pm | Reply

  54. I don’t want to deal with my ex any more…. I just want to Ruin her I am raising money to put ads on bill boards proclaiming her to the entire comunity as the Crazy psyco bitch, slut she is!!!!!!!! She is destroying my son mentally she is dangerous and needs to be locked up…. yet the State of louisisna still dosent see fix to do it!!! I will devote every ounce of my being to FIGHT BACK, even if I have to go door to door, pass out flyers at Walmart, Paint bridges drop flyers by plaine and any other Great stuff you can think of…


    Comment by jerry — July 9, 2012 @ 4:11 am | Reply

  55. Hey Yall, former mitlitary guy, who got suckered by the pie between, well you know, I was reading a laughing mostly, laughing at myself, cause, yea, I am right there with ya, I feel, I have a son who is eleven, She is playing the mind screw game on him, telling him that, it apperant that all these girls have some serious problems.yes guys too, sometimes people suck, yea, I really am there, I too , want to take the High Road, and put th bullet where it blongs, between her eyes !!! Yet, I know I will not get away with, cause, aint that smart, I might as well sit there with the smoking hun waiting for the cops to come. I looked at the stories on TV and said, I ain’t going to prison for this girl/man. I do not have the anwsers, but I can say hang on people, take a step back, and try to figure the best trap to get the people out of you life without going to the big house, I am going to try.
    P.S. If ya can’t hit em with a bullet, hit em in court every chance, paperwork every 6 months, I had to take the ex to court to make sure she was giving me her new address of our son, out of my state, and call times.

    Comment by Mike C — August 23, 2012 @ 5:55 am | Reply

  56. This may not sound as a compliment, I don’t wish anyone what I’m going through, but I’m so glad I’m not alone!

    It’s been 3 years since I’ve been divorced. My ex wife was caught cheating, and of course I kicked her out. Since then I’ve been going to therapy ( Since I blamed myself, and got very depressed). We have a 5 year old son, and she’s made sure I have the hardest time seeing him. She lives with her patents, and they spoil her to death. She’s unemployed, doesn’t go to school, and does very little for my son.

    When my son started getting sick from pet allergies; they ignored the symptoms, they don’t care if he gets worse, they still have the pets at home. I’ve been trying to make them understand, but they don’t listen!!!

    I’m going nuts!!!! My son is the best, and I hate to see him sick. I’ve called CPS, and they don’t seem to take me seriously.

    I wish her and her family would just go away. I don’t know what to do, or how to react. I feel lost.

    I haven’t even been able to date, because I’m now scared of relationships. I don’t care about her, I just care for my son.

    Anybody have any suggestions??

    Comment by niceguy1976 — February 5, 2013 @ 4:29 am | Reply

  57. Hey everyone! Listen… I could wright a novel on the crazy bull**** this she witch is doing and i’m so tempted to post the messages between her and her husband (my bf) but I’ll wait. But I need some help or even just some other chick to talk to before I actually kill her. I’m only in my twenties and both her and my bf are in their forties and I dont want my age to play a roll in a bad decision. Can someone just talk me down from this? Please? 816-916-0724

    Comment by Ange — September 18, 2013 @ 2:45 am | Reply

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